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Do the Collapse: Phillies at Red Sox, June 23-25, 2006

June 23: Red Sox 10, Phillies 2 W: Beckett (9-3) L: Madson (7-5)
June 24: Red Sox 5, Phillies 3 (10) W: Papelbon (2-1) L: Gordon (2-3)
June 26: Red Sox 8, Phillies 7 (12) W: Hanson (1-0) L: Condrey (1-2)

I'm honestly not sure what to hope for now. As noted below, the Phils' only reliable starter this season was arrested for striking his wife on a Boston street; the balance of the rotation is a mix of rehabbing once-weres ("Jon Lieber adequate against 18 year-olds"), precocious could-bes and Cory Lidle; the lineup remains dysfunctional with the Black Hole ("now with more Fasano!") deeper and darker than ever; and there isn't a single position prospect in the system who shows any signs of developing into a decent major-league regular.

And yet, as of today, the GM says "Absolutely, we're buyers now." I don't think I have it in me to actively root against the Phils... but there's little question in my mind that a 2-7 road stretch through Boston, Baltimore and Toronto will serve the team better in the long haul than a 7-2 run that presumably would sucker us in all over again.