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Gillick's Guys: Midyear

We've almost reached the midyear point, so we have a lot more to work with in evaluating Gillick's Guys.

What is particularly interesting about this exercise is that as the Phillies' season spirals further and further into the toilet, Gillick's Guys might give us a glimpse into what kind of players he intends to acquire when he starts the inevitable re-tooling process this summer or fall.

If that's the case, I'm scared.

Let's go right into the pitchers:

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Tom Gordon 31 2.03 0.97 40/9 14.0 166.3
Arthur Rhodes 25.2 4.91 1.87 30/17 3.5 31.3
Ryan Franklin 38.1 4.46 1.43 20/14 6.1 -20.5
Julio Santana 8.1 7.56 2.04 4/9 -3.0 -17.3

Tom Gordon has continued to excel, despite the blown game Saturday against the Sox. Hey, it's Big Papi - who doesn't give up a game-losing home run to him these days? Arthur Rhodes has helped at times, but he's also been mighty costly at others as he struggles to find the strikezone consistently. The big problem with Rhodes is that his on-field boss doesn't seem capable of recognizing when he just doesn't have it. Hey Charlie, if the guy's walking everyone under the sun, someone else might be better off on the mound, ok? Ryan Franklin has righted his ship for now, but his awful K/BB ratio and continuing talent of giving up the gopher ball (9 HR in 38 IP!) don't bode well for the future. Thankfully, Julio Santana is still out for the season.

How are the hitters doing?

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Aaron Rowand 222 0.275 0.319 0.455 5.9 78.5
Abraham Nunez 86 0.163 0.200 0.233 -9.9 -164.3
Sal Fasano 128 0.250 0.294 0.406 -0.9 -132.6
David Dellucci 79 0.278 0.326 0.532 3.1 20.1
Alex Gonzalez 36 0.111 0.158 0.111 -6.4 -114.5

This is ugly. Aaron Rowand has not been the same since his unfortunate incident with the unpadded wall. He is hacking at the plate and looking like he's studying from the Jimmy Rollins book on plate discipline. Are there unidentified long term effects to his injury? Thankfully, David Dellucci has turned it around and is hitting nicely as a pinch hitter and spot fill-in. He's a good guy to have around.

The others, well, they have stunk and continue to stink. Sal Fasano still has a fan club, a neat mustache, and hits an occasional huge home run, but other than that, offensively he's a big empty contributor with a horrible approach at the plate and ugly ugly swing. A .700 OPS from a backup catcher is good, but when it's all from a few home runs and not at all from OBP, it's got much less value. Abraham Nunez has been as awful as advertised, at least to those of us who believed his 8.5 years as a wretched player and not the 3 months of good ball he played for the Cardinals last year. His .433 OPS (yes, you read that right) would be shameful for a guy making the league minimum, let alone making $3.5M over two years. Wow - read that again: .433 OPS. Can he join Alex Gonzalez in retirement, please?

This is not an impressive bunch. Gordon has been great . . . in all of 31 innings. Rowand has flashed some positive contributions at times, as have Rhodes and Dellucci. But, overall, these acquisitions have hurt the Phillies more than helped, and they do not bode well for Gillick's talent evaluation skills.