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Gillick's Guys: Two Months In

We continue our semi-bi-weekly look into the guys Pat Gillick brought to the Phils this off-season.

How are they doing two months into the season? Did Gillick add the five wins to the team he said were needed to get to the post-season?

As in the past, these charts show the performance of the new guys in some basic metrics as well as Baseball Prospectus' VORP and's Win Probability Added (WPA).

First, the pitchers:

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Tom Gordon 25 1.80 1.00 31/8 12.2 152.1
Arthur Rhodes 19.1 4.19 1.81 25/13 4.5 51.1
Ryan Franklin 24.2 5.11 1.46 14/9 1.5 -67.0
Julio Santana 8.1 7.56 2.04 4/9 -3.1 -17.3

Tom Gordon has continued his dominance out of the bullpen. The only criticism concerning Gordon is that he hasn't been used in the best way possible for the team, something we have pointed out in the past and continues to be a problem (shouldn't he have come in last night in the 8th when Rhodes was having problems?). Arthur Rhodes has been effective at times, but his high walk rate and overall WHIP are very troublesome. He has walked the tightrope all season long it seems. He either has to get some control, or we're going to see some awful results very soon. The trainwreck known as Ryan Franklin has been mitigated only by the fact that he's pitching limited innings in relief; if he is moved to the rotation to become an "innings eater," as the media reports is being discussed by Phils' brass, we could see some whiffle-ball-home-run-derby theatrics from opposing teams (he has allowed 6 home runs in 24+ innings in relief). Julio Santana is hopefully out of the picture for the rest of the year, something his numbers warrant.

On to the hitters:

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Aaron Rowand 163 0.307 0.354 0.515 11.5 139.2
Abraham Nunez 66 0.197 0.232 0.227 -7.2 -124.9
Sal Fasano 83 0.241 0.300 0.337 -1.9 -73.6
David Dellucci 52 0.269 0.328 0.577 3.2 18.0
Alex Gonzalez 40 0.100 0.143 0.100 -6.4 -114.5

Aaron Rowand is the bright spot here, with his 139% WPA. He has played very good defense, and has handled the bat better than expected. Unfortunately, his DL time following his "heroic" catch coincided with the Phils' slump over the past few weeks. That's the danger of risking your body for one play early in the season. David Dellucci has grown into the role of pinch hitter and now is among the MLB-leaders in pinch hits. He is a valuable bat off the bench or as a fill-in when needed.

The rest of the hitting additions continue to be worse than useless. Sal Fasano's slightly lower CERA, compared to Mike Lieberthal's, does nothing to make up for his atrocious hitting. Thank goodness Alex Gonzalez has retired. If only Abraham Nunez would follow suit. But, with a guaranteed $3.5M contract for this year and next year, he and his -7.2 VORP and -124.9% WPA are here to stay. Who could have predicted he'd be so bad? Ummm... anyone who looked at his entire awful career, that's who.

When Pat Gillick joined the Phils, he said he needed to add five wins to the team. By win probability added, the guys he brought to this team are on pace to decrease the total wins for the Phils. So far, they have a combined -36.9% WPA. By definition, 50% WPA is a win, and -50% WPA is a loss. So, even with the outstanding performances from Tom Gordon and Aaron Rowand (both around 3 wins added), the newcomers have totaled to lose just less than one game for the Phils. They must do better from here on out.