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Phillies 2006 Draft Selections

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The 2006 Amateur Player Draft is about to begin in New York City. The Phils have three early picks (#18, #37, #65) and as the day goes on, I'll be updating this story with their selections and any good info I can find. Freel free to add your own thoughts and comments.

Update [2006-6-6 13:24:23 by dajafi]: Phils select P/SS Kyle Drabek, son of 1990 NL Cy Young Award winner Doug Drabek, with the 18th pick in the first round. Here's Baseball America's writeup on Drabek, and an article from the Houston Chronicle.

In the supplemental round (#37), Phils select Adrian Cardenas, 2b, a high-schooler from Florida. Here's some info on Cardenas, with more here.

At #65 (second round), the Phils take RHP Andrew Carpenter, a tallish college pitcher about whom there are questions on velocity.

At #97, the pick is Jason Donald, another infielder from the University of Arizona.

For more coverage of the Phils' draft, see here.