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Rumor du Jour

Now circulating on various message boards and other conduits is the following possible Yankees-Phillies exchange:

OF Bobby Abreu and P Jon Lieber


OF Melky Cabrera, P Tyler Clippard, 1B/3B Eric Duncan, P Scott Proctor

My understanding is that the Yankees would pick up all remaining salary for the two Phils veterans.

The more I think about this one, the more I like it. Cabrera is drawing walks and playing great defense in the big leagues at age 21; Duncan, also 21, is pounding the ball at AA; Clippard is second in the Eastern League in strikeouts (to Gio Gonzalez); and Proctor might be a bit more than a journeyman as a hard-throwing reliever.

Given the possibility that Abreu's power decline is real, I think this would represent decent return. You?