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Utley, Gordon, Howard are All-Stars

The Phils finished the first half with their worst record at the 81-game mark since 2002, when the team was also 37-44. Oddly, 2006 is also the first year the team will send three players to the all-star game since... 2002. That year, Scott Rolen, Jimmy Rollins and Vicente Padilla suited up for the National League; this time, it's Chase Utley, who will start at 2b for the NL, with teammates Ryan Howard and Tom Gordon as reserves. Utley and Howard will be making their all-star debuts; Gordon's selection is his third. Howard will also compete in the Home Run Derby the night before the game. Bobby Abreu, of course, won the 2005 Derby.

The Phils could add a fourth all-star: Abreu, who has played in the last two midsummer classics, is once again a candidate for the Final Vote selection. Abreu reached his first all-star game in 2004 by this route, before getting voted in as a starter last year.

I just gave him 20 votes; why not take a few minutes and do the same? Go here, then click the link for "Cast your Final Vote." If nothing else, it will really piss off the WIP idiots.