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Thank you Bobby Abreu

I didn't think this day would come.  I figured the Phils would be in contention this year, and Bobby would continue to be where he was for the previous 8 years, manning right field and achoring the middle of the lineup.  Of course, losing changes things, and thus, it often falls on the best player on the team.  I just would like to take this moment to thank Bobby for the best 8+ years I have ever seen from a player on my Phillies.  Bobby not only is one of the best players to ever put on the red pin stripes, but I was able to witness all of his play.  Bobby wasn't perfect, but he was as complete of an offensive player we have ever seen.

You would never have thought that Kevin Stocker could result in one of the best players ever to play in Philadelphia.  Fortunately, the Phillies aren't always on the wrong end of a fleecing (though, when you get Bobby, the team giving him up almost always ends up fleeced).  I can honestly admit that he often frustrated me in the field.  Not so much because I thought he should have been better (I certainly wished he WERE better), but because he always gave fuel to those who wished to cut him down.  However, Bobby has shown to even be above his critics by stating in his final Phillies press conference that he didn't see the hate and that even though people booed, he heard more cheers when out in right field than anything.  Bobby apparently has problems with low pitches (thank you, I'll be here all night).

Bobby is now off to the Mecca of baseball.  Yeah, we all want to hate the Yankees cause they always win and we always don't.  But I don't have disdain for them.  If the Phillies don't win (which is commonplace), I feel no pleasure in watching another team lose.  I would love to see Bobby vindicated by good play on the Yankees.  I like to see myths dispelled and for him and ARod to prove the nay-sayers wrong.  

Where the Phillies go from here, I have no idea.  Gillick has decided to prove to everybody that he isn't going to be Wade (whether that is good or bad remains to be seen).  But the Phillies do have one major decision to be made.  They have plenty of time to decide on this, but if they make the wrong decision, I just may give up my fandom (which I have never even thought about uttering before).  I'll stick through the bad times and losing seasons with this team.  But if the Philles do not retire Bobby Abreu's 53 when he quits baseball forever, they will be more of a sham and a joke than I could possibly imagine.  In 10 years, Bobby's number better be on the wall with the other Phillies greats.  He certainly deserves it.