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Cormier traded to Cincinnati

To Cincinnati for pitcher Justin Germano. The world makes no sense, as the Phils got a better return for the 39 year-old situational lefty than they did for Bobby Abreu and Cory Lidle.

The Reds, continuing efforts to bolster their bullpen, acquired left-hander Rheal Cormier from the Phillies on Monday for right-hander Justin Germano, has learned.
Cormier was 2-2 with a 1.59 ERA in 34 innings for the Phillies this season. He has been more effective against right-handed hittters, who are batting .197 against him, than left-handers, who are batting .259.
Germano, 23, made two appearances for the Reds this season, including a start Saturday in which he pitched 52/3 innings against the Brewers. He was 8-6 with a 3.69 ERA for Class AAA Louisville, the Reds' top affiliate.

Here are Germano's stats this season. He kind of looks like a (young) Jon Lieber/Brad Radke type: relatively few strikeouts, but great control and consistently able to go deep into starts. His full minor-league record suggests that his strikeouts might just be down this year. Overall, I'm not even sure he'd be in the Phils' top 5 pitching prospects--but it's good return for Cormier, who wasn't coming back next year anyway.

Also, per Beerleager, Brian Sanches has been recalled from S/WB to replace Cormier's spot on the roster. In the event that Tom Gordon is dealt by 4pm this afternoon--unlikely, but not impossible, and IMO a prudent course given the evident embrace of rebuilding and Gordon's salary obligations over the next two years--Sanches could close for the Phils. He's having an outstanding year for the Red Barons.