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Phils Acquire Another Weak-Hitting Utility Infielder

Pat Gillick reached into his bag of August tricks this evening and pulled out Jose Hernandez.  The Phils now have the right-handed Abraham Nunez.  (Or is Abraham Nunez the switch-hitting Jose Hernandez?)

The shocking news:  to the best of my knowledge, Jose Hernandez has never before played on a Pat Gillick team.  Wow.  That is shocking.

The not-so-shocking news:  Gillick has once again acquired a weak-hitting utility infielder to fill the bench.  Now, it's waiver trading time, so there aren't going to be many options out there, but Jose Hernandez is a has-been.  As he's done much of his career, he's going to waste outs.  The problem is that he no longer has the power he once had that justified his prodigious out-making - in three of the last four seasons (including this year) his slugging percentage has not been over .350. (As bad as Hernandez has been this year, he's still hit much better than Nunez.)

The best-case scenario would be a platoon with Abraham Nunez. Hernandez has an .823 OPS over the last three years against lefties; Nunez is slightly better against righties (.674 v. .638). Let's hope they're used wisely.