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Phils acquire Jeff Conine

Update [2006-8-27 21:52:47 by dajafi]: The Baltimore Sun reports that the player to be named is likely one of infielder Angel Chavez, left-handed starter Eude Brito or right-handed reliever Brian Sanches. Again, looks to me like Gillick brought in someone who can help now without sacrificing anyone who was a big part of the team's plans for 2007 or beyond. All three could play in the majors, but none is likely to be a star. Nice move.

For a PTBNL:

Unwilling to commit $2 million in 2007 to a player that they envisioned having a reserve role next season, the Orioles have agreed to send Jeff Conine to the Philadelphia Phillies, according to a club official.

The trade, which will send a player to be named later to the Orioles, will be announced following the Orioles series finale today with the Tampa Bay Devil Rays.
The Orioles also are expected to send approximately $500,000 to the Phillies to help offset Conine's $2 million option next season, which will vest if he reaches 450 plate appearances this year. Following his eighth-inning at-bat, Conine has 432 plate appearances this season.

My reaction to this will depend entirely on the PTBNL. Conine's been through the wars, and if the Phils are worried about the ability of Pat Burrell or David Dellucci to play everyday down the stretch, he's probably a better option than Roberson or Bourn. For the year, he's hitting .264 with 9 home runs and a .724 OPS. He does have a decent platoon split: .272/.357/.439/.795 against lefties this year, and for his career his OPS is 100 points higher against southpaws. Conine is also a career .388 hitter at Citizens Bank Park.

Per the Phils' press release, Conine will wear #19, with bench coach Gary Varsho taking #30. I guess Cory Lidle's number won't be retired after all...