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Is this fun?

Here we are, staring down the last dozen or so games in the season and just 1.5 games back in the wild card.  Are you having fun yet?  Maybe?  Maybe not?  What, you are stressed out?  Don't want to be disappointed again?  You fear putting everything on the line to just get kicked in the groin repeatedly.  Don't worry, you are not alone.  We are there with you.  There is nothing more a fan can ask than having your team with a chance to get into the playoffs at the end of the year.  The problem is that some fans end up elated, and some end up as Phillies phans.

Another season, another gut wrenching end to the season.  And there are our Phillies, not leading the WC, but close enough for us to just hope they can make it.  Right now, they are decent sized underdogs.  They are two losses behind San Diego with 12 games left to play.  If the Padres play 1 game over .500 (7-6) the rest of the way, the Phils would need to go 8-4 just to tie.  Now, anything can happen, but the ball is definitely in San Diego's court.

I am getting worn out by these late dashes that end in failure.  It is hard on the mind and soul.  Second place is fun only the first time, bearable the second time and gut wrenching every time after that.  The next two weeks will certainly have their fair share of infuriating moments.  I begin to wonder if this is worth it.  It certainly will be if we make it, but if we don't?  Again?  Another whole year of waiting around.  Who knows what will happen?  I just want to pain to go away.

If I had my choice, I'd fast forward 2 weeks and just read what happened.  Let me know, did they make it or not.  Hanging onto the distant possibility and enduring the likely end is too tough to take.  I think they are good enough, but, we are almost down to a crap shoot here.  The luckiest team wins it (and the Padres have a fairly hefty head start).  It can never be an easy, 5 games up in the WC, cruise to the finish line kind of season for us.  I want the last 6 games to be meaningless.  I want the Phils to either win or lose the next 6 in a row and the Padres to do the complete opposite.  Please, just leave me a bit of my sanity for the off season.  I am going to need it.