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Double Standards

Well, at least it makes you forget about someone's prior transgressions.  In the Phillies' win on Wednesday night, Brett Myers went 9 innings, giving up 2 runs and striking out 12 batters.  A performance that any ace would love to tuck under their belt and claim as their own.  Everyone is familiar with Myer's situation that occured right before the all-star break.  At that time, the overwhelming voice of Philadelphia was to get rid of this bum for beating his wife.  Myers has been pitching very well in September, but his post all-star numbers haven't been lights out.  When he walked off the field, he received a standing ovation.  Where was the vocal majority that wanted him out of her just 2 months earlier?

Color me ashamed of this city.  The Phillies were on the cusp of falling out of the wild card race when Myers got arrested (and the Phillies got swept my Boston) and all you could hear were people calling for his head.  It was an extremely hot topic and covered in national media and almost every blogger posted his or her thoughts on it.  Of course, that is all water under the bridge now.  The Phils are a half game out and now it is about making the playoffs and not doing what is right.  A wife beater who loses is fundamentally a worse person than a wifebeater who wins, dontcha know?

What saddens me isn't that Myers was cheered, but the actions of the majority of the Phillies phans in this city.  You don't hear people screaming to have him removed from the rotation.  You don't hear complaining that he wasn't traded.  No, you hear about him opening up the playoffs as our #1 pitcher.  This, from a city who prides itself on being above that kind of behavior.  How many people have you heard state that Michael Irving deserved his injury because he was a bad guy and that Cowboys fans were filth for cheering for him.  My how the tide of winning changes that tune.  It is no longer about how you play the game, it is about winning and ONLY winning.  

This bothers me.  It bothers me because as much as I disagreed with the sentiment, at least I thought this city was standing it's ground and sticking to what they felt was important.  I couldn't care less what Myers does in his personal life.  I let the law determine that stuff.  I do care about a city that once sat on it's high horse and now behaves in the same manner as the people it once called filth.  Philadelphians have been known as tough but honest and those who know their sports.  All I see now are a bunch of front runners who would sell their grandmother's ashes if it meant a playoff game.  Many Philadelphians feel we are a better sports town than every other city.  After witnessing this turnaround, not only have we shown that we are no better than any other city, but worse, just for the sheer reason that we think we are better.