Alfonseca a Phillie

Update: Phillies Pravda confirms the signing.

From the Miami Herald comes this report of RHP Antonio Alfonseca signing a one year, $1.1MM deal with the Phillies.  No one else is reporting it, so I await confirmation.

If so, this is an awful move for the Phillies with little discernible upside and lots of potential for disaster.  His K-rates are terrible and getting worse.  He's not terrible at coughing up home runs but he gives up a ton of hits.

The Ed Wade Regime should have taught us that pouring former closers onto the bullpen fire will solve nothing. Another in a long line of PVMRs (Proven Veteran Middle Relievers) brought in and given crucial late-inning roles. Shades of Roberto Hernandez, Mike Williams, Turk Wendell, Arthur Rhodes... and as a former closer, you just know he's going to have the Set-up Guy mantle handed to him. It's enough to make you barf. Why was I born here?