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Phillies All-Time Tourny Round 1 (1 of 8)

Welcome back to The Good Phight's All-Time Phillies Tournament.  Today we have 4 random games to be played, one from each bracket.  These are the first four games from round one.  Good luck players!

You can find the most updated bracket by opening the link on the left bar, or clicking the link below.

The Good Phight's All-Time Phillies Tournament

Round 1 - Game #1:

#2 John Kruk vs #15 Ricky Jordan:

This is a battle of the early 90s first basemen.  And the result, as expected was completely one sided.  Most didn't expect Ricky to have a shot, but he cowered like Randy Johnson fastball was flying at his head.  Defense wasn't the strong point of either of these teams as a total of 28 errors were committed in the 3 game sweep.  Game 1 saw Kruker come out strong with a bases loaded triple (must have been playing at the Vet) and hold on for a 10-6 win.  Game 2 had a bit more dramatics with a close 6-5 game in the eighth until the Kruker blew is open with 3 run homer.  Game 3 went the same manner until Kruk performed another late game rally with 7 in 7th.

G1: 10-6 Kruk
G2: 9-5 Kruk
G3: 16-6 Kruk

Round 1 - Game #2:

#5 Larry Bowa vs #12 Glenn Wilson

Here we'll see if defense and intensity can keep Larry in the tourney.  Unlike the NCAA, a #5 has never lost in the All-Time Phillies Tournament, but, probably because this is the first time it has been done.  We are breaking new ground here.  And history HAS been made.  Glenn Wilson with a major upset over little dynamo Larry Bowa.   Bowa came out strong and somehow strung enough singles, doubles and triples (4 of them) together to score 14 runs on 15 hits in game 1.  But the music died for him after that.  GWil came out strong in game 2 and put up 4 in the first inning on the back of a 3 run homer.  Mighty Mouse fought back, but Wilson would not be denied winning 12-6.  Game 3 turned into a laugher when Wilson scored 7 runs in the sixth to turn a 3-2 game into a 10-2 win.  Larry wouldn't go down fighting and took an early 2-1 lead in game 4.  Wilson responded by scoring 2 in the third and 1 in the sixth.  That set up some late game dramatics as Bowa singled with 2 outs in the 9th.  Bowa then hit a ball to deep centerfield that Wilson made a catch at the top of the fence Bowa of a game tying homer and to send himself into round 2.  How do I know that?  Because when the out says 8, I can make it as dramatic as I want.

G1: 14-5 Bowa
G2: 12-6 Wilson
G3: 10-2 Wilson
G4: 4-2 Wilson

Round 1 - Game #3:

#8 Granny Hammer vs #9 Andy Seminick

In a thrilling game 1, Andy came out firing with a 2-0 lead after 1.  Granny fought back and took a 4-2 lead scoring 3 in the 4th to make any small ball manager proud.  It remained 4-2 until the 8th when Seminick smacked a homer to go down 4-3.  In the ninth Andy lead off again with another homer to tie it, then put 2 men on base before Granny got out of the inning.  In the bottom of the 9th, Granny got a man on first with 2 outs, and let his small ball get the best of him and got thrown out trying to steal second.  The first extra innings of the tournament showed Andy leading off the 10th with a walk and then got another on via an error and scored a run on a wild pitch.  He put up another and won the game 6-4.  Game 2 was almost as thrilling.  Seminick built himself a 5-0 lead, but Granny laid the hammer down and came back with 2 in the 4th, 3 in the 4th and 1 in the 5th to go up 6-5.  Seminick then put 5 on the board in the last two innings which Granny's 2 run shot couldn't overcome in the bottom of the ninth and Andy won 10-8.  Game 3 was the most exciting yet.  Granny had a 3-2 lead going into the 7th, but Andy lead off the inning with a homer to tie it up.  Both teams went quietly until the 9th when Andy put 2 on with 2 outs but Ked to end the inning.  Another extra inning game produced a win for Granny when he lead off the 10th with a single, then sacrificed himself to second and scored on a single.  Smallball finally wins one.  Game #4 started off promising with no score for the first 6 innings, however, Seminick put the game away with 7 runs in the last three innings to win 7-0.  Unfortunately for us, the best name in the tourney is no more.  Granny made a valiant effort, but came up short 3-1 to Andy Seminick.

G1: 6-4 Seminick
G2: 10-8 Seminick
G3: 4-3 Hammer
G4: 7-0 Seminick

Round 1 - Game #4:

#6 Gavvy Cravath vs Elmer Flick

This is a battle of some old school names here.  In game 1, Elmer came out with a 2-0 going into the sixth.  Catcher's interference and a walk follows by a 3 run homer with 2 outs game Gavvy the lead.  Gavvy tacked on 2 more in the 7th and he'd need it as Elmer scored 2 in the 8th.  Flick went down quietly and Gavvy won game 1 5-4.  Elmer took game 2 by a score of 8-4 aided by 4 stolen bases while Gavvy struck out 14 times.  Elmer took a 2-1 series lead with a 5-1 win in game 3 as Gavvy struck out 14 times again and people everywhere moaned that the Gavvy lineup just strikes out too damn much.  Game 4 saw Gavvy put on the comeback shoes and take the lead in the seventh only to see Elmer tie it up in the bottom of the inning scoring a run on an error by the CF.  Gavvy then scored 1 in the 8th and 9th on solo shots showing people that power can beat smallball.  That set the stage for the finally and it did not disappoint.  Elmer took a quick 1-0 lead in the first and Gavvy tied it up in the second.  Gavvy then took a 3-1 lead on a 2 run shot in the 4th only to see Elmer plate 1 in the bottom of the 4th and 3 in the 5th to take a 5-3 lead.  Gavvy then took out the big stick and hit back to back shots in the sixth to tie it just to see the momentum slide away as Elmer singled, stole second, moved to third on an error and scored on another single.  Gavvy said this was enough and smacked two more back to back homers in the seventh to plate 3 more runs and go up 8-6.  Elmer then scratched out 2 more runs on a double and an error to tie it up in the 8th.  Gavvy reached for his Wonderbat one more time and hit his 6th homer on the day to lead off the 9th.  Elmer then walked to start the bottom of the 9th and sacrificed himself over as all goo smallballers do.  Unfortunately, he grounded out and struck out to finish the game and Gavvy won the series 3-2.

G1: 5-4 Cravath
G2: 8-4 Flick
G3: 5-1 Flick
G4: 9-7 Cravath
G5: 9-8 Cravath