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Utley, Rollins win Silver Slugger Awards

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Jimmy Rollins added his second piece of postseason hardware yesterday with his first Silver Slugger award for top offensive shortstop, joined by his double-play parter Chase Utley at second base. Utley had previously won the award last season.

I always thought Silver Sluggers were determined just on statistics rather than voting; live and learn. Marlins shortstop Hanley Ramirez had better numbers than Rollins almost across the board: Jimmy had one more home run and 13 more RBI, and he scored 14 more runs. But Ramirez out-stole him 51 to 41, hit .332 to Rollins' .296, and slugged .562 to Jimmy's .531. Ramirez posted an OPS+ of 145; Rollins had a 118. They each had 212 hits. Jimmy's one of my very favorite players, and I think he's going to win the MVP, on merit. But I have a lot of trouble seeing how he had a better year at the plate than Hanley Ramirez.

Either way, yesterday's awards were a pleasant reminder that we've got the best keystone combo in MLB, as well as in the 125 years the Phillies have played.