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The Non-MVP That I'm Rooting For

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That's Jimmy Rollins.  I'm rooting for him to win the MVP today, because I like him a lot and want good things to happen to him and the Phllies.  But, I don't think he's actually the MVP of the NL.  Not by a longshot.

Here are a few of the reasons I don't think Rollins was actually the NL MVP:

  1.  At 66.1, he was 9th in the NL in offensive VORP.  In fact, he was second on his own team, behind Chase Utley's 68.8.  If you include pitchers' VORP, Rollins is tied for tenth with Brandon Webb (Jake Peavy makes is third overall).
  2.  If you like WARP better, which includes defense, Rollins' 9.2 is sixth in the NL, still behind Utley's 9.3.
  3.  Rollins wasn't even clearly the best shortstop in the NL.  Hanley Ramirez had a much better offensive year at the plate (89.5 VORP), although his defense puts his WARP slightly behind Rollins (8.9).
  4.  By no measure is Rollins' defense extraordinary.  He's certainly good, and the metrics show that, but he's no Albert Pujols with the glove.  (Pujols' defensive numbers are eye-popping in almost all measures.)
  5.  Like more "regular" stats?  Rollins was tied for 22nd in the NL in OPS at .875.  Four of his teammate were ahead of him - Utley, Ryan Howard, Pat Burrell, and Aaron Rowand.
There's no doubt Rollins had a great year.  His counting numbers were incredible, partly because he played on a great offensive team, but also because he is a great offensive threat himself.  He was an emotional boost to the team all year long.  He played in every game.  He was a terror on the basepaths.  And I'm rooting for him to win the NL MVP.

I just don't think he deserves it.