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Shhh! Phillies acquire OF Chris Snelling

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I'm a little hesitant to bump Jimmy Rollins from the top spot on the site so quickly, but this strikes me as potentially significant:

The Phillies today acquired outfielder Chris Snelling from the Tampa Bay Devil Rays for cash.

Snelling, 25, hit a combined .246 with one home run and seven RBIs in 30 games with the Washington Nationals and Oakland A's this season. He missed the majority of the year with a bruised left knee. A lefthanded hitter, Snelling has hit .311 in his minor-league career.

"Chris has always had a great bat, but he has battled some injuries in the past," assistant general manager Ruben Amaro Jr. said in a statement. "We feel he will be healthy this coming year and adds a lefthanded hitter and some depth to our outfield."

Snelling's another guy Pat Gillick must have known from his Mariners days, but his minor-league track record shows there's more than just familiarity at work here. Snelling has displayed both power and patience through his pro career, highlighted by a .370/.452/.553 line with triple-A Tacoma as a 23 year-old in 2005. The problem, as Amaro's quote suggests, is that Snelling has never stayed healthy enough to show if he can do this at the big-league level; for that matter, he hasn't had more than 400 at-bats in a season since A ball in 2001.

Still, this is a low-risk, low-cost, potentially high-reward pickup, teaming an obviously talented hitter with great instructors in Manuel and Thompson, in a lineup where he'll have minimal pressure to be The Guy. If it all goes right, your platoon partner for Jayson Werth could be in the house.