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Rowand signs with Giants

Update [2007-12-12 17:1:54 by dajafi]: ESPN is reporting the deal as five years, $60 million. While that's a lot less awful than $80 million, it's still not a deal I wish the Phils had made. Bon chance, Rowand...

That's it, kids: Aaron Rowand is taking his bat, glove and grit to the west coast after getting a five-year deal from the San Francisco Giants. I'll be very interested in seeing how much money he snagged.

As I've noted earlier, I'm not sorry to see Rowand go. He did a great job in 2007 for the Phillies, but San Fran is buying high--maybe as high as $80 million, based on early rumors!--as maybe they had to do, considering they've got the worst lineup in MLB. The only thing I'm bummed about is that since the Giants wound up with the fifth-worst record in baseball, their first-round draft pick is "protected," and the Phils get their second-round selection--probably around 55th overall.

Unless they sign a Type A free agent, the Phils will have four picks in the first 75 or so (their own first-rounder in the mid-20s, a comp pick for Rowand around 35, the Giants' pick at 55 or so, and their own second-rounder at 75 or thereabouts). This represents great potential for a system-saving infusion of amateur talent, and should give Pat Gillick more confidence about trading prospects--if a good deal ever shows up for him to do so.