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Phils close in on an OF

It seems likely that in the next couple days the Phillies will come to terms with one of two veteran outfielders: Geoff Jenkins, formerly of the Brewers, or ex-Padre Mike Cameron. The team is in discussions with both: Cameron, available now that San Diego has traded for Jim Edmonds, presumably would push Shane Victorino back to right field (and Jayson Werth to the bench) once he's finished serving a 25-game suspension to start 2008. Jenkins, who is supposedly weighing offers from the Phils and Padres, would platoon with Werth, leaving Victorino in center.

Both likely would be assets for 2008, and neither will require anything close to the five-year, $60 million deal Aaron Rowand signed with the Giants last week. Jenkins would be shifting from left field to right, and his offensive numbers are trending down as he heads into his mid-30s, but he still slugged .482 against righties in 2007. Perhaps more of a concern is that he hit a robust .289/.359/.532 in Milwaukee's Miller Park, but just .224/.282/.416 everywhere else. Jenkins might be more likely to accept a one-year deal than Cameron.

Cameron, who turns 35 next month, had the opposite trend last season: he hit .229/.316/.413 in spacious Petco Park, but .254/.341/.449 on the road. His defensive reputation remains intact, though the years and a number of injuries--most memorably a frightening collision with Carlos Beltran while both played for the Mets in 2005--have taken a toll. Cameron's best seasons came in Seattle, where he played for then-GM Pat Gillick; earlier in the offseason, he was reportedly seeking a long-term deal, but now might be willing to take a shorter contract--an obvious plus for the Phillies.

The complaint remains that the Phils need pitching, not more offense. But that's true of literally every team out there. The play at this point is just to make the best value additions possible--and right now that probably means a mid-30s outfielder with power. My inclination would be to offer both the same deal--say, a year at $7 million with a team option for another year at the same price, or a $1 million buyout--and sign whoever says yes first.