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Geoff Jenkins will join the Phillies

Milwaukee television station TMJ4 (ow, my jaw!) is reporting that Geoff Jenkins has agreed to a 2 year deal with the Phillies expected to be worth approximately $13 million. Pat Gillick evidently noted the roster's lack of a Geoff and acted accordingly.

Jenkins will almost certainly be the lefty-hitting half of a right-field platoon with Jayson Werth.  $6.5 million a season for a platoon guy is a lot, but I think it's better than some of the alternatives.  Sometimes you gotta pay to play.  With Victorino in center, this team's outfield will probably come close to matching the offensive output of the 2007 Phillies outfield, with little if any defensive dropoff.  I prefer Victorino in center field anyway... you maximize his abilities there.