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Is passionate an excuse?

Today, Frank Fitzpatrick laid out 3 reasons why Philadelphians are not the world's greatest fans.  While I certainly agree with the reasons, I don't think it is really all that much different in other cities.  Yeah, we booed Santa Claus, but why is that worse than what many other cities have done.  I have no problem calling out bad behavior, just, let's not pretend that it is just Philadelphians that have this bad behavior.  Jerks are jerks no matter where they are born.  It is possible that we are just louder jerks than everyone else...

I will also make the subjective analysis that all three of his points are related in that the typical "jerk" fan is one that loves the Wing Bowl, rails on McNabb and hates on the Phillies (including running Abreu out of town).  Not sure if that is the majority of fans here, but they certainly are vocal, and they certainly are dumb.