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Community Projection: Freddy Garcia

It's Spring Training, which means it's time for our second annual Community Projection series.  Here's what we do: Predict the final season stat totals for the designated players in the listed categories.  Then, we'll compile them and average the amounts to see what TGP's readers, as a community, think the players will do.  Then, we report back in October for bragging rights to see how you did individually.

Feel free to base your projections on anything you want... statistical projections, hunches, decreased totals due to injury, tea leaves, that pain in your knee that acts up when Chris Wheeler says "Here we go again!"  Have fun.

Our first CP is for the new presumptive ace of the staff, Freddy Garcia.

GS - 34
IP - 211.2
W - 14
L - 10
ERA - 4.33
WHIP - 1.31
BB - 56
K - 143
HR - 33

I'm going out and predicting a disappointment of Millwoodian proportions; not terrible by any means, but far from the "first-real-ace-since-Schilling" pitcher that many seem to be predicting.  I'm particularly nervous about the steady decline in his peripherals over the past few seasons.  I see this continuing, and I see Garcia finishing the season as the rotation's third best pitcher, and I wouldn't be totally shocked if Eaton winds up doing better.

Freddy Garcia Projections must be posted by 5 pm on Friday, February 23rd to be included in the Community Projection.