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Community Projection: Brett Myers

Up next in our Community Projection Series is putative #2 starter Brett Myers.

GS - 34
IP - 202.3
W - 15
L - 8
ERA - 3.55
WHIP - 1.18
BB - 64
K - 197
HR - 28

Brett Myers' 2005 and 2006 seasons were remarkably similar.  His strikeout rate increased markedly in the second half of 2006, which may be a good omen.  If Myers can get his personal life straightened out, he may take the next step in 2007.  He also showed up to Spring Training noticeably trimmer, which could also be a big boost to his endurance and stamina.

I was tempted to cut his numbers down because I fear the large number of innings he's thrown in his young career could portend some kind of minor to moderate injury.  But I decided not to.

Also: All-Star Berth for Brett.

Anyway, post away.