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Brett Myers... Closer? Kill. Me.

Todd Zolecki reports today that the Phillies have been discussing turning very good, young, and healthy starter Brett Myers into a closer, and Myers himself seems cool with the idea.

This might be the dumbest idea I've ever heard.  If the Phillies are trying to improve their bargaining position vis-a-vis solving their six starter "conundrum" it's a terrible strategy because no one could possibly think that a team would be that stupid.  It's kind of like hiding stuff on your computer from your wife in a folder on the desktop with a Cookie Monster icon titled "NOT P0rN!"  But then I remembered, this IS the Phillies, and they MIGHT ACTUALLY BE CONSIDERING THIS, and I projectile vomited on my dog.

Recent baseball history is full of examples of converted starters making good in the bullpen: Eckersley, Smoltz, Gagne, Rivera, Papelbon, etc.  But in each case, the conversion was due to extenuating circumstances that rendered the pitcher in question mostly to completely worthless as a starter (lack of experience, ineffectiveness, lack of stamina, recovery from injury, etc.).  I can't think of a single example of a team taking a very effective, young starting pitcher with a track record of success at the major league level with few to no health concerns and converting him into a closer.

I'm not saying ace relievers are unimportant.  They can be crucial to a team's success.  But taking ostensibly your best starting pitcher and cutting him from 200+ innings pitched to 70, no matter how high-leverage those innings may be, is a terrible, terrible waste of talent.