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Phils renew Howard for $900,000

Update [2007-3-2 17:38:13 by dajafi]: The always-excellent Mike Radano has the transcript of Howard's remarks to the press up on his blog. Take a look.

From the Inquirer:

Apparently the Phillies and Ryan Howard were not able to agree on a long-term contract, so the team renewed the first baseman today with a one-year $900,000 deal, a major-league salary record for a player with one-plus years' service.

The previous high belonged to pitcher Kerry Wood, who earned $690,000 with the Cubs at a similar point in his career.

Just for the PR boost, I would have liked to see them give him the even $1 million, but hopefully this isn't a big deal. Howard is under the team's control for five more seasons, and I think it's much more likely than not that he'll get a long-term deal next winter that buys out the rest of that stretch plus two or three years of free agency.