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After 9 games...

The team is a lackluster 2-7.  Talk about frustration.  We can comment all day about the players who aren't on our team, but I'd like to look at the players who ARE on our team.  The biggest issue to me has been the hitting.  This team has the ability to put up some big time runs and hasn't done so yet.  The problem is that it has nothing to do with the supporting cast.  It is the big guys in the middle.

Howard and Utley have been the biggest disappointments in our lineup thus far.  It hasn't even been close.  What is more disappointing is that just a couple hits between them could have been the difference in 3 or 4 games.  That is how close it has been and how well the rest of the team is actually hitting.  The biggest problem so far has been the lack of power, which is contrasted to the number of walks we have gotten.

The good:

Rollins: 8 extra base hits out of 10 hits and 8 walks equates to a .422 OBP and .806 slg.

Burrell: 10 hits as well, but just 3 extra base hits.  Still, he has been on base about 50% of the time.

Rowand: A couple of good games and Rowand has turned into a Bobby Abreu lite OBP machine.  But, even his slugging pales in comparison, but if he continues at his .421 OBP clip, then I can live with the other short comings.

The OK:

Shane Victorino: Baserunning blunders ignored, Shane has also gotten on base at a good clip.  Despite a .216 batting average, he is still walking a bit and that is good news.

Wes Helms: Not much power from Wes, but a .280 batting average and 5 walks gives him an almost .400 OBP.  Need more power though.

Jason Werth: Only 10 ABs, but 3 hits, 2 walks and a double are about as much as you can ask from him.

The bad:

Carlos Ruiz: He is a tweener on OK and bad, but his patience has been horrible as he has no walks and has swung first pitch in some crucial situations.  

Ryan Howard: 11 walks and a .409 OBP isn't enough.  Considering how many guys are on the good and OK list, it is saddening to see him here, because a good start from him would have meant we'd have a winning record.

Chase Utley: I was close to putting him in the ugly category, but gave him the benefit of a doubt.  He is slugging ok, but just hitting .231 with 2 walks.  A .706 OPS ain;t  getting it done and it has been killing us like Burrell.

The Ugly:

Rod Barajas: 3 walks and a HBP are his only saving grace.  

I can deal with a bad output from our #8 hitter who is our catcher.  It happens.  But our #3 and #4 are playing awful so far and it is the #1 reason why we have 5 more losses than wins.  Will it continue?  Not likely.  But most of the blame should be pointed at them.  We need them to perform better ESPECIALLY when the rest of the team is getting on base like they have had.