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I don't know what is worse, losing the first game of a 162 game season, or listening to people complain about it.  The radio was fraught with people trying to spew distorted facts on why the Phils lost and why this team is just like all the others.  What amazes me is that this team is almost exactly what everyone wanted.  How can it be just like all the others?

Bums like Abreu and Lieberthal are gone.  Burrell, while still here, didn't have to hit behind Howard and we have more white guys than you can shake a stick at.  

Yet, same old Phillies.  Like, somehow, if we were able to replace this entire team with the 27 Yankees and they lost the first game of the season while failing in a few spots, people would be ripping Ruth and Gehrig talking about how they hit only when we are leading by 7 runs.  It is so tired and the fact that the radio enables it is mystifying.  

Utley left 6 guys on base today.  Talk about a contract weighing us down for the next 7 years!