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So bad, I have to laugh...

Tonight's loss just reiterated how low this team has sunk during the Gillick era.  No offense to speak of, finally get some good pitching and they blow it.  Not that this should surprise us, but the manager and general manager have done nothing but ruin what should be a contending team.  The worst part is that Howard's unbelievable run last year just camouflaged major issues that ended up never getting addressed.  I am at the point where I wouldn't mind getting rid of some players for talent, but surely I can't trust Gillick to handle it.  

I'd just like to outline the many faults of Charlie and Pat during the last year+.

Gillick (past two years):

  • Signed a 38 year old closer to a 3 year 18 million dollar contract
  • Did not trade the 38 year old reliever when his value was highest and he had already made salary dumps.
  • Bobby Abreu trade (no need to go further on this absolute disaster)
  • Nunez
  • The worst bench in the majors the last 2 years
  • One of the worst bullpens in the majors the last 2 years
  • Adam Eaton's 3 year 24 million dollar contract
  • Chase Utley's 7 year 84 million dollar contract (those last 4 years at 15 million a year is going to kill this team)
  • Alex Gonzales (the only way he lost his job is by retiring)
  • Arthur Rhodes (Jason Michaels would look nice on the bench or platooning right now)
  • Begging people to take Burrell lowering his trade value to nothing
  • Rod Barajas
  • Did I mention our bench and bullpen?
-Vicente Padilla traded for nothing

Manuel (just this year, to make it easy):

  • Taking Burrell out of the game (sometimes in the 6th or 7th inning)
  • Putting Bourn in the game
  • Putting our leading winner last year and our best ERA guy the last two years into the bullpen as a SET UP MAN!  Our BEST pitcher is now a set up man.  
  • Batting Utley and Howard back to back
  • Keeping Gordon as the closer
  • Not putting Bourn in center when he replaces Burrell to give noodle arm more of a shot in left
  • Not replacing Helms late innings
  • Not having these hitters ready to start the season
Please add more as I am sure I barely scratched the surface.