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King Cole and the Phils

Just when you thought it was safe to watch that evening movie, or to take a nice after dinner walk with your loved one, or just veg out in front of you Wii, Cole Hamels sucks you back in.  Man, I hate this guy.  What nerve does he have throwing a complete game while striking out 15 batters?  He is ruining my summer plans.  Just one day after we get our hearts ripped out, Cole decides to slide that fish hook under our skin and pull us back in (I had visions of Hellraiser writing that).

From the "Oh, what could have been file":

The Phils are 5-11.  That ain't good.  

0-4 in extra innings.  

0-3 in 1 run games.
1-3 in 2 run games.

The bullpen has 5 losses and 0 wins and 3 blown saves.

The offense has been bad, but they have scored less runs than their OBP and SLG would suggest.

Their pitching has been bad, but they have allowed more runs than their strikouts and walks would indicate (despite leading the league in HRs allowed).  

What does this mean?   Well, it means it ain't over, but it certainly has started off as bad as it can get.  Phils teams of the past few years have started off poorly (but not his poorly) and still were unable to make it all the way back.  Can this team do it?  If Cole pitched this way the rest of the year and Myers finds himself in every high leverage situation, it is possible.