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On pace to...

I think it will be kinda fun to look at what each Phillie is on pace to if they kept up the current trends.  Sure, it ain't gonna happen, but what if it just did...


Jimmy Rollins: Rollins took his roids in the offseason cause he is on pace to break the Phillies all time home run record set by Howard last year with 65.  Not too shabby to go along with his 178 runs scored 211 hits and 130 RBIs.  Imagine if we had him batting 4th or 5th???

Shane Victorino: Shane is set to collect a respectable 178 hits.  Sadly, it will only result in 65 runs despite his 49 doubles and 41 stolen bases.  That is a lot of times stranded on second (or thrown out at home).  

Chase Utley: Chase looks to be following along the same lines as the previous two years with 138 runs scored, 130 RBIs and 32 homers.  Sure, he doesn't quite get 200 hits cause he is on pace for 194, but I guess it doesn't matter when more than half (105) of them are doubles.  

Ryan Howard:  Ryan is looking to come off of his MVP season with some pretty mediocre stats.  Just 122 hits with 28 doubles and 28 homers.  He still manages to get 112 RBIs.  

Pat Burrell:  Pat looks like he decided to become a leadoff hitter with 170 hits and an OBP of .481, with 48 doubles but just 8 homers.  He isn't on pace to break 100 RBIs or runs, but I guess that is what happens when you only play half the game.  Might be good for him since he'd never face a lefty after the 7th inning anyway.

Wes Helms: Wes is looking to put down 178 hits and 36 doubles, which is great, except he doesn't hit a homerun all year.  80 RBIs is ok in the 6 hole, but 44 runs with Aaron, I am going to win the batting title, Rowand hitting behind him is sad.  

Aaron Rowand:  Rowand is on pace for an Ichiroesque 219 hits, besting his career high by around 70 or so.  Despite being on base around 300 times, he is on pace for 73 runs.  41 doubles and 24 homers would be a nice output from him this year.  

Carlos Ruiz: Looks to have a pretty darn good year from the 8 hole with 84 runs and 84 RBI.  52 doubles would be a record for a Phillies catcher.

Rod Barajas: Barajas ends up with 76 hits in 415 ABs, but still manages an OBP of .379.  His SLG is is BA of .182 since he collects no extra base hits.  

Michael Bourn: Bourn ends up playing in 157 games, but they are all just 1/3rd of a game. Bourn manages 31 hits in 136 ABs, and amazingly 10 triples and no doubles (triples or nothing for this guy).  

Greg Dobbs: Dobbs his a blistering .174 with 40 hits in 227 ABs.  Half of them are for doubles though (20), which leads to an amazing 49 RBIs and 40 runs scored.  He is efficient.

Abraham Nunez:  Abie ends up getting 42 singles in 292 ABs. Nothing really more to say on a guy with a line of .143 .182 .143.

Jason Werth:  Werth supplies all the power off of the bench with his .250 BA and 13 doubles. He does manage to score 39 runs.

On the other side of the game:

Antonio Alfonseca: Is looking to get into 77 games with a 0.77 ERA and a 0.94 WHIP.  Both would be amazing since he is just striking out 23 batters while walking 31 in 85 innings.  

Cole Hamels: Looking to become the ace of this staff now that Myers is in the bullpen, Hamels posts a 2.57 ERA while striking out 255 and walking just 46.  Curt would be proud.  His 15-0 record would be something to cheer.

Geoff Geary: Geary ends up appearing in half the Phillies games (81 of them) and deservedly so with a 2.61 ERA.  Sadly, he goes 0-7 in those 81 games but never gives up an inherited run.

Jamie Moyer: Moyer makes 40 the new 20 by posting a 3.38 ERA and a 15-8 record.  He shows up the old men by striking out 147 in 201 innings pitched.  He only lets up 8 homeruns in the CBP.

Jon Lieber: Lieber comes back from the scrap heap to post a 3.21 ERA and a 0.93 WHIP. Of course, he only averages 4 innings a start and ends up going 7-0.

Ryan Madson:  Ryan seemingly bounces back with a decent 4.26 ERA and 1.34 WHIP.  Of course, all of his 23 homers given up are untimely and he goes 0-15.  

Freddy Garcia:  Pitches 69 innings this year.  Sounds about right...

Tom Gordon: Enroute to his mediocre 31 saves, Flash  allows an astounding 77 hits and 31 walks in 54 innings while keeping the role as closer.  Not even an 0-8 record makes Manuel think twice.

Adam Eaton: Adam ends up being the good luck pitcher going 15-8 despite his 6.46 ERA. 147Ks and  85 BBs in 177 IP make it seem like his ERA is really bad luck.

Brett Myers:  Brett manages to get into 52 games, but yet pitches in 140 innings (lots of 3 inning appearances in his future).  140 hits and 88 walks make it hard to be successful despite his 169 Ks.  He ends up going 0-15 with a 7.91 ERA.

Matt Smith: The jewel of the Abreu trade and our lefty specialist.  Matt ends up setting a few Phillies records by walking 81 hitters in 29 innings pitched while striking out just 7 of them.  He amazingly goes 0-0 and his WHIP of 3.75 looks quite daunting since hitters just hit .250 off of him.  Most of his 11.25 ERA is due to walks and would be twice that if it weren't for rubber armed Geoff Geary.