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Time for a lineup change

Rollins has continued to smoke the ball like Soriano did last year and Howard is now getting smoked like Soriano this year.  A little tweak of the lineup could help get Howard back on track and make better use of Jimmy's power.  Nothing major and it just involves swapping two spots right next to each other, but there are so many positive reasons to do so, I am SURE Manuel would never think to do it.


Victorino leading off benefits the lineup because he has hit for little power this year, but is showing very good patience with 13 walks.  He has good speed as well.  He has been on base 35 times while Jimmy has been on base 37 times.  However, he has been on base 7 MORE times than Jimmy when the next guy comes up to bat.

Rollins batting second will likely not make him happy, but all you have to do is just tell him he'll be better at it than Jeter.  Plus, it gives him a chance to add more RBIs and keep a high runs total.  Utley lead the league batting 2nd and 3rd last year.  

Utley third is not the ideal spot in terms of production (as the 3rd spot in the lineup is overrated).  But he is pretty much our best all around hitter and they hit 3rd.

Burrell hitting 4th is the no brainer of no brainers to me.  He is top 5 in OBP which is perfect to have in front of Howard.  He now gets to hit against the late inning lefty brought in to face Utley and Howard and he might (if this actually does occur) see some better pitches to hit out of the park with Howard behind him.

Howard batting 5th works well with a red hot Rowand right behind him.  His OBP is still good, so it is a shame to have him after Burrell and Utley, but he isn't swinging the bat well.  Batting between the righties might help him out some and when he does start swinging, he'll be driving in the OBP machine in front of him.

Rowand in the 6 hole is pretty much what you want right now.  He is firing on all cylinders and nobody could ever have expected this from him.  I am afraid of the eventual drop off, but maybe something just clicked for him.  If he keeps it up, he'll be good at driving Howard in when he walks.

Helms batting 7th works since he has pretty much not hit for power yet, but is getting on base at an ok clip.  I'd consider switching him and Ruiz, but it isn't a big deal and at least you keep his ego in tact batting him 7th.

Ruiz is doing an excellent job hitting 8th.  He needs to be patient still, but he is driving the ball and knocking in runs that the pitcher would likely leave on base.

All you are really looking at is switching Victorino and Rollins and Burrell and Howard, but it balances the lineup much more on lefty/righty matchups and makes better use of power hitting behind OBP.  I think this makes much to much sense to ever be implemented though.