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It's the offense people...

And it is all of them.  We are 0-2 not because of Madson and Gordon.  Sure, they didn't help and Madson picked up both losses, but when you score 5 runs in 2 games, you really can't expect to win both or really, either.

Utley has been poor, Rowand hasn't done much, Howard and Burrell haven't shown any power.  Not that there can be much analysis here since it is just two games, but those are the facts and that pretty much sums it all up.

The biggest issue with Manuel is how he handles Burrell.  He doesn't split up the lefties and then has to pull him early in the game for a baserunner/defensive replacement.  This stadium doesn't NEED a defensive replacement in left.  Small outfields mean that a player like Burrell can handle it just fine.

Nothing to get too overly dramatic about.  Yeah, it is REALLY frustrating.  No, losing isn't good.  But they will win a game some day.  I am sure it will happen.