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What is the point of...

Aaron Rowand.  I know it is obvious, but I still don't get it.  What is he supposed to be on this team?  A good hitter?  A good fielder?  A good both?  I'd give him a pass if he made a bunch of "the catch" plays, well, without breaking his face, but he doesn't.

Tonight, he was close to a ball that many would have said that Abreu alligator armed.  Sure, it was a tough catch, but that is what Rowand HAS to bring as his game.  His bat is awful.  He looks like he should be able to hit the snot out of the ball, but he doesn't.  And his fielding is average at best with already a couple of plays that looked downright shoddy.  There is no need for him on this team and we'd probably do better with Victorino in center and Dobbs in right just to get another lefty bat at the bottom of the lineup.

I wonder where we could get a good lefty bat for right field.  Maybe one that can get onbase in front of our sluggers (who apparently refuse to slug).  Sheesh, it's not like those guys grow on trees.  I wonder if we could have gotten a good one on a one year contract this year.  Nope, instead we have Rowand who does nothing good at all.