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Game Notes 5-2-07

Phils lose another tough one to the Braves despitequite a few things going their way.  Ryan Howard hits a game tying 3 run shot and the Phils get out of a bases loaded jame and no outs with just 1 run given up on a spectacular play by Victorino and Barajas.  But, it should be no surprise that the Phils went down without much of a fight after that.

  • Pat continues to not be able to hit against late inning lefties because Manuel refuses to put him between Howard and Utley.  Pat has lost most of his power so far, but facing righties late in the game is not helping him.
  • Michael Bourn continues to be a late game baserunning replacement and I can't recall seeing him steal a base.  Not sure why Barajas thinks he has to swing at the first pitch, but that was a prime stealing situation if I have ever seen one.
  • Geary goes 3 innings?  He pitched well, but has Manuel totally given up on Madson who has some pretty good numbers after the bad start?
  • Myers is in the bullpen, but it should be Garcia in there.  He must have started every other game for the White Sox to get over 200 innings, cause he is is toast by the fifth.
  • Speaking of Garcia, if he can;t throw ONE inside pitch to Chipper, then why even bother pitching to him?  Seriously?  
  • Lastly on Garcia, I know he never runs the bases, but, he sees other players run the bases, no?  Werth is giggling with joy since his baserunning blunder was upstaged by a pitcher.
  • Helms ABs can start off so good and end so poorly, it is ridiculous.
  • Shane HAS to take that 3-1 pitch there.  He has no power, and a walk is the same as a hit in that situation for him.
  • Dobbs should be playing third once or twice a week against right handed hitters.