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Myers hurt in Phils win

I saw none of tonight's game, so I can't offer much detail here. But from the press accounts, the Marlins' 9th inning served as a sort of Platonic ideal of Phillies failures, culminating in Brett Myers walking off the field, clutching his shoulder. The gory details (plus Todd Zolecki's editorial outrage):

The Phillies had scored three runs in the top of the ninth to take a 7-3 lead. Myers already had warmed up before the Phils scored those runs, so manager Charlie Manuel sent him to the mound to finish the job.

Pinch-hitter Todd Linden and Alfredo Amezaga both hit flare singles to left field to start the inning. Dan Uggla then ripped a triple down the third-base line to score both runners to make it 7-5.

OK, no problem.

Hanley Ramirez bunted a ball up the first-base line. He put the ball in a perfect spot where the Phillies had no chance to throw out Uggla at home. Except first baseman Greg Dobbs picked up the ball and surprisingly threw home instead of taking the sure out at first base. Catcher Rod Barajas wasn't even near home plate when he took the throw.

... So instead of a 7-6 game with nobody on and one out, it was a 7-6 game with a runner on first no outs.

Myers struck out Miguel Cabrera for the first out, but he hit Josh Willingham with a pitch to put the tying run on second and the go-ahead run at first. Myers struck out Jeremy Hermida looking on an off-speed pitch for the second out.

Could Myers work out of the jam? It wouldn't be that easy.

Aaron Boone singled to left. In one of the worst decisions of the night, Marlins third base coach Bo Porter sent Ramirez home even though leftfielder Jayson Werth had already scooped up the ball and started his delivery when Ramirez had hit third.

Ramirez had no chance.


The throw arrived perfectly and in plenty of time. Barajas just needed to stay down to block the plate. But for some reason, he eased out of his crouch and applied a high tag. Ramirez simply slid underneath Barajas' legs to score.

... That's when Myers threw a 1-0 pitch to Olivo over Carlos Ruiz's head and pulled up lame. Clay Condrey entered and walked Olivo to load the bases, but he snared a line drive from Linden straight at his heart to end the inning.

So let's recap:
  • Myers already was warmed up--so of course he went in.

  • Dobbs had a brain fart, giving the Marlins an extra out.

  • Barajas had a brain crapstorm, giving the Marlins another extra out plus the tying run.

  • Myers gets hurt.

Based on this thread at, the Phils in their wisdom have decided not to get Myers an MRI. So I guess the dumbassery continues. Shocking, no?