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Game Notes 5-3-07

Since someone called me out for singling out last night's game for posting notes, I figured I'd show I didn't pick a loss as much as I picked a game that had things to talk about.  Thankfully, the Phils gave us more ammo.

  • Myers closed his first game (and Harry mentioned it may be the first of many).  I actually think his old bullpen role may have helped the team more.
  • Cain vs Adam Eaton has a very biblical undertone to it.  Hell, Noah almost showed up in the 7th inning.  Did I mention it was misty?
  • Michael Bourn stole his first base.  I mentioned this last night, but had no evidence to back it up.  Are you freakin kidding me?  All those pinch running appearances and this is his first stolen base.  And THEN the defensive replacement got replaced.  Ironic on a President Bush scale.
  • The whole team erupts but Howard and to a lesser extent Burrell.  But Howard really shone with an 0-5 4K 1 IBB performance.  WTF is wrong with this guy and HTF do we fix it?  He better not make me come down there to bash some skulls.
  • Chase gets his 16th double of the year.  Strange how the Phils can't hit homeruns this year but are doubling like it's nobody's business.  They are purposefully trying to mess with stadium adjusted statisitcs for the CBP.
  • Eaton is an enigma.  I guess that it is ok that we try to figure out what we have as long as the team scores a ton of runs for him, but once the well runs dry, he might find himself on a 4 or 5 game losing streak.
  • Madson can't just make us think he's back for one game, can he?
  • Victorino's OBP is now higher than Rollins'.  Please bat Vic first and Rollins second.  Please!
  • Nope, not going to mention switching Pat and Ryan.  Not going to mention putting Pat in the 4 hole and Howard in the 5th spot at all.  I won't even waste one ounce of time typing that Pat should be splitting the lefties instead of Howard striking out with the bases loaded.  Nope, not going to mention it once.
  • Alf was given the 8th inning again despite the bomb the previous night.  I guess it doesn't help when it is him and a bunch of guys Manuel wouldn't trust with his tractor left in the pen.
  • Cain gave up 8 hits and 4 walks in 3 innings which lead to 7 runs.  Take that you 0.83 WHIP!