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Game Notes 05-04-07

Keeping it rolling and mine, all mine.  Phils lose the game 6-2 after scoring 2 in the first and 0 in the remaining 8.

Moyer pitched like he was a younger version of himself, but not too young, cause he sucked then.

  • Walked Bonds twice in the late innings and both times it bit you.  The one in the 8th was ridiculous with 2 outs.  
  • Alfonseca is no longer a disaster waiting to happen.  It has happened.
  • Our #4 and #5 hitters have totalled 5 homeruns.  That is pretty darn pathetic and either a change HAS to occur or these guys have to kick it into gear.
  • Pat looked bad in the field.  Add that to his lack of power and he is getting harder and harder to defend.
  • I REALLY don't want to think that Howard's 1.5 years were a fluke.  This better just be a McGwiresque slump that ends
  • Is the old Rowand creeping back?  I sure as heck hope not.
  • Victorino is a little spark plug with a good OBP.  Please bat him leadoff.
  • Manuel let Moyer load the bases and still pitch.  Maybe Geary told him to eff off, I am not sure, but you felt that bad things were going to happen.
  • If you are going to send Howard in that situation, you gotta tell him, as he'd rounding third, to put on a helmet and cause some damage, cause there ain't no other way he is going to make it.
  • I am getting sick of losing games like this and not winning any games like this.
  • Our homer rate is just awful. Down about 28% from last year.
    Year AB HR 2B BB HR/AB Diff 2B/AB Diff BB/AB Diff
    2005 5542 167 282 639 0.030 - 0.051 - 0.115 -
    2006 5687 216 294 626 0.038 1.260 0.052 1.016 0.110 0.955
    2007 982 27 64 133 0.027 0.724 0.065 1.261 0.135 1.230