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Desperation can only lead to bad thing

Unfortunately for the Phillies and their fans, the team is run by a desperate man.  A man that will do anything to scratch out a win to keep his job.  Sadly, the management either ignores this or values it since Manuel has been allowed to keep his job.  All the signs point to a man living on the edge ready to fight tooth and nail to get his feet on solid ground.  There is a good chance that he will ruin many players on his way down.

Manuel's moves of desparation:

  • Myers to the bullpen.  Putting your best starter over the past two years into the pen to be your closer REEKS of desperation.  It is basically saying that you will overpay to make sure those close games are wins and who cares about the games he would have started.  It is a move to maintain mediocrity.
  • NOT moving Howard in the lineup.  Manuel opens himself up to criticism if he moves Howard.  If Howard fails, he says that it isn't his fault since he was the MVP last year.  If He puts Pat in front of Howard and Pat goes bust, then the wolves will be nipping at his toes.
  • 110, 115, 92, 107, 117.  Those are the last 5 game pitch counts for the 23 year old phenom Cole Hamels.  3 games of 110 pitches or more.  When you don't trust your bullpen and you don't care if you blow out a players arm cause you won't be around, you'll keep him in there (see Dusty Baker).
  • Michael Bourn: 23 games, 16 ABs.  He is the pinch fielder for Pat Burrell.  It is easy to point at Pat as being a bad defender and take him out when you are ahead.  If the team loses the lead and the game, he can blame the bullpen despite the fact that Pat could have helped in the late/extra innings.  If Pat makes a bad play in the 9th that coughs up the win, then Charlie is the culprit for not replacing him.  Desparation leads to you doing whatever you can to deflect criticism (see Pat Gillick).
  • Rod Barajas: Started 4 of the last 6 games.  He looks like he is becoming the "starter" at catcher for the Phils despite being the lesser overall hitter than Ruiz.  Ruiz is looked at as young and inexperienced and Charlie will stick with the veteran no matter what.  Losing with a "young" player leaves you open to more criticsm.
Many of Manuel's moves look extremely desperate.  Leaving Moyer in to lose that game is another example.  I hate to see what other "creative" ideas he has and how it will either hurt more young players or put them in position to fail (like pinch hitting Howard for Burrell against a lefty).  Manuel (and Gillick) MUST be stopped.