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Dare I say...

Looking good?  The Phils have been more agonizing this year than they have been in previous years.  The bad start was, well, bad.  But then they got back into it and got us feeling good about them.  The sweep of the Braves really got the fanbase energized and then the sweep by the DBacks really took the wind out of our sails.  Well, the wind is back after an excellent 3 game sweep of the Mets.  

Hightlights include:

  • Alfonseca with 3 saves (the new smoke and mirrors).
  • Pat with a clutch game tying homerun off of Billy Wagner in the 9th.  It may get people off of his back, but Pat really has to hit the ball out of the ballpark a bit more.  Hopefully this is a sign of things to come.
  • Bullpen was rock solid.
  • Starting pitching was rock solid.  When Hamels is the pitcher who gives up the most runs, you know you are doing well.  7 runs in 3 games.
  • Phils made a couple of nice comebacks which definitely makes you smile more as a fan.
I am looking forward to Myers and Gordon coming back.  Myers as the closer is a collasal mistake, but one that may be overcome if Lieber holds up.  I'd much rather see Myers in the role of stopper when the team need him to come in and strikeout 2 batters with the bases loaded.  Assuming both come back and are effective (pretty please), our bullpen is looking pretty good.

The hitting is coming around (Howard and hopefully Burrell).

The starting pitching really can't get any worse, can it (I am talking to you Eaton and Garcia).

They better not effin lose 8 of the next 10 after I wrote all of this.