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Standing Pat

Two semi-contradictory stories in the Philly papers today: Daily News beat writer Marcus Hayes reports that the Phillies are unlikely to do anything in the last six days before the July 31 non-waiver trade deadline besides activating Brett Myers, while Inquirer columnist Jim Salisbury all but demands that GM Pat Gillick make a move for pitching help, and quotes Gillick that the Phils are "further down the road" with one team in conversations that would bring in a pitcher for "someone on the 25-man roster"--presumably rookie OF Michael Bourn.

My guess is that Hayes has this one right, and that the team we see is the team that will go after a playoff spot in the last two months. I'd probably pull the trigger on a Bourn-for-Bronson Arroyo deal, but I doubt Reds GM Wayne Krivsky would, considering that he likely could get two Bourn-type prospects from the Mets or other pitching-starved contenders. More likely, the Reds want Shane Victorino--and Gillick seems rightly inclined to hang up the phone at that point.

I posted in another thread last night that any moves to be made might come after August 1, when players must clear waivers to get traded, but that I wasn't sure where the Phils would make the sort of minor tweaks that brought in the likes of Jeff Conine and Randall Simon last August. The bench is in good shape (unless they trade Bourn, anyway), and a healthy Myers probably lifts the bullpen at least to "adequate." So it might be a fairly big deal, or nothing. With Myers coming back and Freddy Garcia a possible addition toward Labor Day--Hayes reports that Garcia, Scott Mathieson and Francisco Rosario are all two weeks or so away from starting rehab assignments--my guess would be that the Phillies will rise or fall with the guys they have now.