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The Big O

No, I am NOT talking about Overstock, you sick perverts.  I am talking about the Phillies offense.  It has been down right unoffensive lately.  This may be the best team output I have seen in a month...well, ever.  AND WE STILL HAVE 3 DAYS LEFT!!!  The Phils went from a very good offense to a great one and it has been fortunate since their pitching went from very not good to terrible.

July by player:

Pat Burrell: .446 .571 .786 1.357
Ryan Howard: .341 .456 .768 1.225
Aaron Rowand: .385 .417 .692 1.109
Chase Utley: .368 .439 .598 1.036
Michael Bourn: .351 .400 .568 .968
Jimmy Rollins: .303 .349 .586 .935
Shane Victorino: .340 .396 .536 .932
Wes Helms: .295 .354 .523 .877
Gregg Dobbs: .320 .333 .380 .713
Chris Coste: .290 .290 .290 .581
Rod Barajas: .200 .294 .267 .561
Carlos Ruiz: .159 .255 .273 .528
Abe Nunez: .160 .250 .160 .410

As you can see, 8 guys getting significant ABs have been TEARING the cover off the ball.  

Team: .317 .383 .532 .915

Counting stats for the month read a little bit more than what a full season would look like, but if you took our AVERAGE player, he'd have this line for the full season.

.317 BA 802 AB 139 R 254 H 60 2B 7 3B 33 HR 427 TB 134 RBI 77 BB 139 K 15/4 SB/CS

That is a pretty ridiculous (if not a bit overexaggerated since it is 802 ABs) line for the average Phillies player.  Those are MVP numbers.

Amazingly enough, Pat is leading the way in terms of OPS.  He is hitting a scorching .446 for July with 9 XBHs in limited ABs.  I am not sure if this will last, but it has got him over his career OPS.  I still feel a significant portion of the local fans are just waiting for him to fail so they can bang on their chest.  

Amazingly, half of Rowand's hits are for doubles.  He has had his fair share of solid ones and lucky ones, and he has had thee 3 double games this month.  

Howard is back to MVP form with 10 homers this month and his season OPS over 1.000.  Utley was MVP so far up til now, but here is Howard's chance to win back to back.  If he can carry this team with Utley gone and they make the playoffs, I think he is a lock for #2 (well, depending on how Bonds ends up).  

The biggest disappointment have been the men behind the plate, but who cares.