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Madson to DL; Geary recalled

Per Mike Radano's blog. Madson was diagnosed with a shoulder strain, the same "minor" injury that sidelined Brett Myers for two months.

This particularly stinks because Madson's been pitching out of his mind for the better part of a month now. His ERA for July was 0.61 in 14.2 IP, with 19 strikeouts. For the season, Madson's ERA is down near 3, and he's proven to me at least that he's a bona fide setup man for a good club. Here's hoping he'll be back a lot faster than Myers was.

Geary went from a valuable setup man to the International League in the space of a bad month this spring. I figured he was probably hurt. But if so, he's pitched well through pain in Ottawa: 17.2 IP, 18 hits, no walks, 18 strikeouts, 2.04 ERA. He was probably coming back sooner or later anyway; let's hope he fixed whatever was wrong and can resemble the effective 2006 model.