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Phils acquire SP Kyle Lohse from Reds

Update [2007-7-30 17:11:29 by dajafi]: Lohse to pitch in the bullpen? Radano says Gillick has left that up to Charlie. For a guy with mid/high-90s heat and two good pitches, but not a third, maybe this would be a slick move.

For AA lefty Matt Maloney. Evidently Lohse will take J.D. Durbin's spot in the rotation, with Durbin heading to the bullpen.

Reaction on BackSheGoes is "meh," and I'm inclined to agree. Lohse isn't obviously worse than Durbin, and I'm okay with the cost: as rotoworld observes, he was no better than our third-best lefty prospect, fourth if you count Joe Savery.

But Lohse also isn't obviously better than Durbin.  In 21 starts this season, he's 6-12, with a 4.58 ERA. He gives you innings (131.2), which is important with our bullpen, and the K/BB ratio is pretty good at 80 strikeouts, 33 walks. With 16 home runs allowed, unfortunately, he'll fit right in with the Phils' rotation. Lohse will be a free agent after this season, so maybe he'll take the opportunity to shine in a pennant race and make himself a few million dollars.

It is a little bit irksome that the day the Braves apparently get Mark Texiera, our big addition is Kyle Lohse. Maybe there's another deal coming, though if so, I suspect it will be for a reliever.

[editor's note, by dajafi] Here's a really interesting look at Lohse's struggles with the curveball this season. There's reason to think that if he ditches the pitch, he might be a pretty interesting pickup.