This team is soul crushing

I've been thinking about it lately. I'd really just prefer that we were a 70 win team. When you have zero expectations, and you expect to suck, you don't get down in the dumps when your team decides to use Jose Mesa in the 8th inning of a close game. When you don't expect anything, you aren't disappointed when the offense packs it in after 3 innings and just starts to throw away at bats. When you don't have expectations, you don't look at the out of town scoreboard and think "you know, if so and so loses tonight, we're only x games back". But, at least for me, I do think those thoughts every night, and I continually get let down by a team that honestly seems to be cursed. I'm not one to believe in stuff like that, I'm very loyal to statistics and logic, but I think this team tends to defy logic. They inexplicably come up short in seemingly every important situation.

Why Baseba'l, why?