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Rowand should pay the Phils

Not this year mind you, but next year.  I'd say a nice 10-15% of his salary presuming he'll get around 8-10 mil a year for 3-5 years.  That could be a nice cut and could definitely help pay for a couple of minor league draft picks that we are too cheap to sign.  Most likely it will just go into the pockets of TPTB and won't help the team at all.  

So much for this imaginary money actually helping this team.  But the real reason is why does Rowand owe the Phils a dime?  Well, I'll tell ya...

Rowand, like many of his teammates, apparently loves the comfort of home.  Good meals, nice comfy bed and a ballpark to really pump up your numbers.  Almost every starter on the Phils has better home than away numbers (more on that in a second).  So, why point out Rowand's numbers?  Well, firstly, because he is going to be a free agent this year.  And, secondly, because it turned him into the average Rowand that he was, into, SUPER ROWAND.

Rowand's line:
Overall: .311 .383 .521 .904 (34 2B 19 HR)
Home: .333 .409 .618 1.027  (17 2B 14 HR)
Away: .291 .359 .432 .791 (17 2B 5 HR)

Rowand's average drops 40 points, his OBP drops 50 points and his slugging drops 190 points all on the road.  Sure, he doesn't have the benefit of at least a few games at the CBP, but you can expect his road numbers to be fairly neutral.  He loses a lot of his homerun power on the road and that could be problematic.  

His career line is: .285 .343 .460

Which is slightly better than his road line this year.  Most players have better home splits than road splits (like chase Utley this year, 1.151 home ops .855 road ops), and this obviously doesn't take that into account.  But it is obviosu that Rowand is taking full advantage of CBP and I hope the Phils notice this.  Had he posted his away line as his overall line, he may have gotten 4-5 mil for 2-3 years.  10% is a small price to pay.

On a side note, Ryan Howard has the exact opposite splits, and it is ridiculous.

Home: .882 OPS
Away: 1.125 OPS

This is probably an anomoly, but for those of you who don't believe in that stuff, stop getting on Howard's case, he hates you and wants to leave Philly.