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You Can't Tell the Players Without a Scorecard...

Let me see if I can do this from memory...

  • Utley is off to Reading for a weekend rehab. He'll DH in one game and play 2b in the next two; if all's well, he will be in the lineup against the Mets on Monday.

  • Eaton will make a rehab start for the R-Phils tomorrow night, throwing 40 pitches. He is likely to start Tuesday against the Mets. I wonder if any sports books are taking bets on how he'll do against AA opposition

  • Fabio Castro was demoted after today's game. Brian Sanches was recalled to take his place. Frankly, I'd rather have Castro starting than Eaton, and relieving rather than Sanches.

  • Madson and Bourn are off to Clearwater to continue rehabbing. Last I heard, Bourn is probably two weeks away, Madson maybe four.

Aside from Utley and the possible benefits of his return, none of this is making much of an impression on me. I think the team is exhausted, at least as much mentally as physically. They've been resilient throughout Manuel's entire tenure, and I'm not writing them off. But the regulars--Howard, Rollins and Rowand in particular--have to be wearing down, and they aren't going to outpitch anyone. Prove me wrong, fellas... prove me wrong.