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The Sweep by the Numbers

0:  Innings pitched by Antonio Alfonseca despite appearing in two games (3 hits, 3 walks, 4 earned runs, 0 outs).

1:  Game-ending runner interference calls.

2:  Walk-off wins for the Phils.

3:  Stolen bases against Billy Wagner in the bottom of the ninth in game 4.

8:  Walks issued by the Phillies pitchers in yesterday's win (compared to 2 strikeouts).

10.3:  Consecutive scoreless innings by the Phils' bullpen (from Monday's appearance by Alfonseca through Geary's out to close out Lohse's disastrous fourth inning on Thursday).

11:  Home runs by the Phils (compared to the Mets' 2).

14:  Runs given up by the Mets' bullpen.

16:  Outs by Jose Reyes (in only 15 at-bats, thanks to two caught stealings), compared to 1 hit and 3 walks.  He had a .067/.222/.067 triple-slash line for the series.

17:  Total bases for Pat Burrell (in 15 at-bats), good for a 1.133 SLG for the series.

41:  Career home runs for Burrell against the Mets (4 in this series).  This is the most by any player in the history of the Mets' franchise (Willie Mays is second at 40).

343:  Mets' SLG for the series (compared with the Phils' .649).

421:  Phils' OBP for the series (compared with the Mets' .340).

1070:  Phils' OPS for the series (compared with the Mets' embarrassing .683).

2638:  Days since Billy Wagner threw 45 or more pitches in one outing (the number he threw in yesterday's game).  He's surpassed 45 only 5 times in his entire career (a career of 710 appearances).

And the most important one:

4:  Thrilling wins by the Phillies.  Also, gut-wrenching losses by the Mets. Also, exact game time (in hours) of yesterday's most entertaining game. Also, outs recorded by Billy Wagner (when called upon to get 6). And most importantly, games made up by the Phils in the NL East standings.