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Filed under: Phillies MVP?

Who is the Phillies true MVP?

I see a lot of options there (with obvious opinion trying to skew the facts):

"Starter" Cole Hamels
"Slugger" Ryan Howard
"Closer" Brett Myers
"Multiple threat" Jimmy Rollins
"Reckless" Aaron Rowand
"Gritty" Chase Utley
"Hitting Guru" Charlie Manuel

Not only is this a fairly biased poll (Multiple Threat versus Reckless???) but where the heck is Pat Burrell?  If Rowand, Manuel and Myers make this poll, then where is the guy that has almost single handedly carried us through the last two months of the season.  Sure, he is to blame for having an awful June, but if he played merely average over the last two months, the Phillies would likely be 8-10 games back.

Another example of Philadelphia negativity from Jim Salisbury: ure_do.html

"Now, let's get some things straight here: There's still a month to play, still lots of work to be done. Also, lest we forget, the Phillies haven't won diddly in 13 years, and probably won't if they keep giving up 10 runs in a game, as they did in yesterday's wild 11-10 victory over the Mets, sealed by Chase Utley's RBI single in the ninth."

What exactly are we getting straight here?  I am all for getting on the pitching when it pitches poorly, but they let in 2 runs a game for the previous FOUR games.  And 4 runs in the loss before that.  I am not saying this is what will continue to happen, but to give us a wakeup call when they allowed 10 runs is a prime example of cherry picking.

Oh, and thanks for the "haven't won diddly in 13 years".  That was much needed and useful when looking at today's team.  Even when writing a positive article, we STILL have to deal with this crap.