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Chase Who?

It's been two weeks now since Chase Utley was injured.  And, the Phillies' paradoxical effect has continued as they haven't noticed his absence one bit.  In fact, the team has thrived, both in its record and on offense:

Record Win % AVG OBP SLG
With Chase 52-49 0.515 0.277 0.353 0.457
Without Chase 8-4 0.667 0.292 0.395 0.496

Of course, the standard small sample size warnings are in effect, but it's important to see the team hasn't folded without its leading MVP candidate (among several). Give credit to the players and coaches for keeping the team going without Chase.

Chase doesn't have to worry about being Wally Pipped though, as his fill-ins haven't outplayed him. But, they haven't been slouches either:

With Chase 0.326 0.403 0.525
Without Chase 0.314 0.407 0.471
With Chase 0.332 0.411 0.572
Without Chase 0.340 0.407 0.480

Pat Gillick deserves much credit here in going out and getting Tad Iguchi to fill the second base slot while Chase was out. And Aaron Rowand and Pat Burrell have continued to hit well in the three slot vacated by Chase.

All in all, phans couldn't ask for much more than this after losing one of the team's best offensive players.