Manuel Disqualified from Manager of Year Consideration

Philadelphia, PA - The Phillies received word this morning from the Baseball Writers Association of America (BWAA) that Charlie Manuel has been disqualified from the manager of the year consideration.  The extreme action comes as a result of a move in last night's game against the Rockies.

With his team two games out in the Wild Card race, Manuel called on Jose Mesa to start the seventh inning.  At the time, the Phils were down by one and had used no other relievers.

Mesa, who came into last night's game with a 16.71 ERA in his last 8 appearances, was the worst choice Manuel could have made.  He immediately proved that by walking the first batter he faced and then giving up a two run home run.  Luckily, the rest of the Phillies bullpen joined forces with the Phillies offense to make up for Manuel's major misstep.

There had been some rumblings of Manuel as a possible manager of the year candidate because of the way he has navigated the Phillies through difficult injuries to key players.  The BWAA had been impressed by Manuel; however, after last night's game, the BWAA has disqualified Manuel from consideration.